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Våren uppe i Norr

Spring in Lulea Sweden

Now it's a wonderful period, when we can be out and do lots of nice activities regardless of age. The weather is often nice in April, still a lot of... Read More

Reindeer skins

We use the best reindeer leather we can find, of the highest quality.The leather feels amazing, it's soft and malleable, but it can also withstand a lot. It just gets... Read More
Lapland landscape, lots of snow and cold weather

Slowly it's getting brighter

After a month or so with a lot of darkness, it starts to get lighter. It's still dark, the snow is deep, and the lakes are frozen, but the days... Read More

Jokkmokk Winter Market

The winter market in Jokkmokk is 413 years old and it is located in the community of Jokkmokk which is in the north of Sweden. We have been selling our... Read More
Arctic Collection säljer tennarmband och annat fint hantverk på Jokkmokks marknad