Now it's a wonderful period, when we can be out and do lots of nice activities regardless of age. The weather is often nice in April, still a lot of snow and ice so a good opportunity to go skiing or snowmobiling, or maybe ice fishing on the lake.

Or why not take a walk or go ice skating on our beautiful ice rink in Luleå. In the summer it's the archipelago and now in the winter we walk out to the islands instead. Beautiful!

Now the snow is melting at full speed and icicles are forming from the rooftops. Do not go under the roofs if the icicles happen to fall.

When we see the sun shining, we are outside, we are active, we get more energy and we look forward to making bracelets for all our lovely customers so they can enjoy our craft.
Now we are especially happy to make bracelets with silver beads that shine in the sun, and of course they look beautiful in white!


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