Tjoarvve earring

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Tjoarvve means horn in the Sami langugae. In this jewellery series, the boahttsutjoarvve/ reindeer horn has been our inspiration. Earrings in 925 silver with pins.

Reindeer antlers can look very different in different individuals. During the autumn, the horns of the sarven/reindeer bull are at their largest and can be very beautiful and impressive. The larger the antlers, the higher the status in the herd, after the rut the bull loses its horns. The reindeer keeps her antlers during the winter and only after calving in the spring does she lose her antlers.

The reindeer is an important part of our society and inspires us a lot. H: 14mm. Design: Carl Wennberg. Made byJokkmokks Tenn