Salt lime soap

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A fresh shower is provided with a really salty and hard soap with creamy lather and the scent of lime and tea tree!

Salt lime has got its nice green color from a little alfalfa powder and a lot of green clay that gives an extra nice feeling to the soap. Chlorella powder is powdered like a stripe in the soap and on top. The white color comes from the salt and the soap is decorated with a slice of dried organic lime.

This soap is based on a large amount of coconut oil with little castor oil and a high over-fattening of 20%. The salinity is 15%.

Vegan * Organic * Palm oil free * Natural * Fragrance free * SLS free

The soaps weigh about 115 grams when cut and then decrease in weight during storage, while also becoming more effective. Järna Soap stores these soaps for 4-6 weeks.

The shape the soaps are made in is 5.5 cm wide and they are cut 2.5 cm thick. The length of the soaps varies due to the composition of the recipe and they are usually 8-10 cm high.