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The Tea Tree is formulated to balance the scalp with soothing, antiseptic and beneficial ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, green clay, rosemary and tea tree. The fragrance is fresh herbal with essential oils from rosemary, tea tree, marjoram and fennel.

About the hair collection
This is a collection of hair soaps designed for those who are looking for a soap to wash their hair with (aka shampoo soap or hair soap) that leaves as little residue in the hair as possible. The hair should therefore have no coating left after washing and no conditioner or acid rinse is necessary.

This recipe is even more adapted for hair washing than Morning Dew, Cedarwood, Tiger Licorice and Zebra Licorice. The already easy recipe has now been taken a notch further by a larger proportion of refined rapeseed oil and the shea butter being replaced with mango butter. The overfat is about 3%.

All variants contain both a little salt and a lot of sodium lactate that provides hydration to the hair. The different varieties contain essential oils and other additives that are carefully selected to do the trick for the hair in different ways and give them slightly different uses. All hair soap variants come suspended on a black cotton string (OEKO-tex standard class 1). All soaps feel best when stored hung up, but especially these that are a little softer than the other soaps.

Vegan * Organic * Palm oil free * Natural * Fragrance free * SLS free

The soaps weigh about 115 grams when cut and then decrease in weight during storage, while also becoming more effective. Järna Soap stores these soaps for 4-6 weeks. The shape the soaps are made in is 5.5 cm wide and they are cut 2.5 cm thick. The length of the soaps varies due to the composition of the recipe and they are usually 8-10 cm high.