Flower soap

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A bouquet of marigolds, rose petals and lavender buds made from fats from rapeseed, coconut, shea and castor with a slight overfat. A well-balanced recipe with good lather, hardness and hydration.

The soap has its original natural color and contains a large portion of salt and kaolin clay. The fragrance comes from a floral mix of essential oils including lavender, ginger and pachouli.

All soaps are organic and contain their original glycerin which is known to moisturize the skin.

All products are handmade and therefore all are different in appearance - ingredients, size and quality are always the same.

Vegan * Organic * Palm oil free * Natural * Fragrance free * SLS free

The soaps weigh about 115 grams when cut and then decrease in weight during storage, while also becoming more effective. Järna Soap stores these soaps for 4-6 weeks. The shape the soaps are made in is 5.5 cm wide and they are cut 2.5 cm thick. The length of the soaps varies due to the composition of the recipe and they are usually 8-10 cm high.