Felted soap

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Infused with pure untreated wool, this soap has a natural scent of sheep's wool with a scent of meadow flowers from a blend of essential oils.

The soap is an incredibly abundant lathering coconut soap with nourishing castor oil and substantial over-greasing to not dry out the skin. The soft felting is nice to scrub with and contributes to additional lather. As the soap is used, the felting will contract a little. The felting also acts as a floating cushion that allows the soap to float on the water. Practical for bathing both indoors and outdoors.

Premium: It can be reused by cutting it open, putting in a new bar of soap and felting it again.

The felted soaps weigh 80 grams before they are stored and then felted with about 15 grams of wool. During felting, some of the soap disappears into the felting water. The diameter is about 7 cm and the thickness is about 3.5 cm.