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Care instructions

Material Sami bracelet:

  • All our pewter bracelets are hand-braided and hand-sewn.
  • We use spun pewter thread with 4% silver, the silver gives the braid a beautiful shine.
  • The braid is sewn on reindeer leather or lamb nappa (depending on your choice of colour), and has a sharpened reindeer antler button as a button.
  • In some models, we use real silver beads

Care instructions for jewelry:

  • WATER: Since the pewter bracelet is sewn on leather, we recommend removing it when in contact with water, e.g. showering, bathing and sauna.
  • SILVER BEADS: If you have a bracelet, necklace or ring with silver beads, they can, if you are unlucky, become a little darker over time. Then you can gently polish the beads with a cotton swab and they will get back their beautiful shine and luster. Silver can darken if it comes into contact with sulphur, which can be found in fabrics, plastics, rubber bands, etc.