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      How can I contact you

      Email us at and we'll be happy to answer your questions

      How do I choose the correct size

      Measure your wrist where the bracelet should sit and add 1-1.5 cm.

      If you want to buy a wide bracelet add 1.5-2 cm

      Can I change if the size is wrong

      Yes as long as the bracelet has not been worn. Contact us and we'll solve it for you. Post the bracelet to us, put in a note where it says return address and mobile number, as well as what you want instead and we'll fix it and post a new one to you.

      How to get on the loop in the best

      The loop should be a little tight at the beginning but try and put it on and off a few times.

      Care instructions

      Remove the bracelet when you shower, come into contact with water, or take a sauna. The bracelet is made of reindeer skin so should not be wet.

      Does the bracelet stretch?

      The bracelet goes out a little when using it because it is made of leather, but we reinforce inside the bracelet so it should keep the size pretty well.

      Do you make all bracles yourself?

      Yes make all braids by hand and we sew by hand. Genuine crafts.

      Do you sell to stores?

      Yes we sell our bracelets to stores around the world. Contact us if you want more information about wholesale of our Sami bracelets

      What do you use for materials?

      Spun tin wire with 4% silver, the button is made of the reindeer horn, the braid is sewn on reindeer leather or lamb nappa, and on some designs we use sterling silver pearls.

      Do you have your own shop?

      No, we have pop-up shops around the country, are at fairs, and selling to other stores. But sometimes in the summer we have a small farm shop and then go good to come and visit us. Please contact us if you wish to visit us and we will do our best.

      How do we handle your personal data

      We do not send you newsletters if you have not provided us with your email address. You can contact us at any time to end your subscription, and you can also request that we delete your details. We do not sell your data to third parties.