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      Spring up in the north

      Våren uppe i Norr

      Late winter or early spring is a lovely time of the year. We can be outside and have lots of fun activities. The weather is often fine in April, still a lot of snow and ice so a good opportunity to ski or scooter, or maybe ice fishing on the lake.

      Or why not take a walk or skating on our nice ice rink in Luleå. In the summer, it is archipelago and now in winter we walk out to the islands instead. Good!

      Now the snow melts and it forms icicles from the rooftops. Don't go under the ceilings if the icicles happen to fall.

      When we see the sun shine, we are out, are active, so we get more energy and we look forward to manufacturing bracelets to all our fine customers so they can enjoy our craft.

      Now we are especially happy to make bracelets with silver beads that shine in the sun, and certainly they are beautiful in white!

      Reindeer leather


      We use the best reindeer leather we can find, of the highest quality.

      The leather feels amazing, it is soft to wear, but it can also withstand a lot. Just get more beautiful and more beautiful the more you use it.

      Often the leather is naturally tanned and it is so beautiful.

      As we use real leather, please take off when taking a shower or in contact with water. 

      Reindeer Leather Colors.

      We have several different colors of reindeer leather, and we also offer lamb leather so you have a good selection of nice colors t

      Slowly it starts to get brighter

      Lapland landscape, lots of snow and cold weather

      After months of darkness, it starts to get brighter.

      It is still dark, the snow lies deep, and the lakes are frozen, but the days will be longer and longer. We see blue sky most days. Life returns.

      If you are going to visit Norrbotten so wait a month. We think mid-March to mid-April is best when it is beautiful weather, it is possible to do lots of outdoor activities, and it can be a little warmer than in February.


      Jokkmokks Winter Market

      Arctic Collection säljer tennarmband och annat fint hantverk på Jokkmokks marknad

      The winter market in Jokkmokk is 415 years old and it is located in the city of Jokkmokk in northern Sweden. We have sold our jewelry here for several years and it is always nice to come back.

      The weather is normally very cold, between -5 and -30 degrees so if you visit the market bring warm clothes! You will see snow, reindeer, beautiful jewelry and nice handicrafts.

      A selection of our Sami bracelets

      Welcome to visit us next year!